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I am committed to a better future for Pembrokeshire.


Join my campaign to help me become Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Mid & South Pembrokeshire.



“I am determined to fight for a fairer and more equal society where everyone is valued”



Prior to working as a trade union organiser, I practised as a barrister, specialising in Employment, Healthcare and Public Law. I was committed to promoting access to justice at the Bar, regularly accepting cases on a voluntary basis. I assisted trade unions voluntarily, supporting my branch of the GMB union as well as other grass roots trade unions. I was also part of Labour’s Campaign for Human Rights and co-authored a paper on behalf of the organisation about the Independent Human Rights Act Review. I want to use my skills as an advocate and my knowledge of the justice system to speak up for our community of Mid and South Pembrokeshire in Parliament.


I currently work as a trade union campaigner and organiser at the Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union (“CAIWU”), which is a member-led and grass roots trade union specialising in representing cleaners across the UK. Our members are some of the most marginalised in society, who have often emigrated from foreign countries and exist on insecure, low paid jobs and are at risk of exploitation. We campaign for improved pay and working conditions in the workplace through collective action, and we fight for justice in the courts in order to hold their employers to account.


I am an experienced Labour Party activist, who has been canvassing and campaigning ever since joining the Party in 2015. I am an active member of the Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP, regularly canvassing, phone-banking and assisting with policy development. Furthermore, I have experience in successfully campaigning in marginal seats. I campaigned in Essex and have been active in London in helping increase Labour’s vote share – for example, in Westminster I assisted in preparing the ground for Labour to win for the first time in nearly 60 years. I have the energy, drive and determination to deliver a Labour victory in Mid and South Pembrokeshire.



I have been coming to Pembrokeshire since I was a small child with my mum, who was born in Pontypridd and grew up in South Wales. I am originally from a farming family, and I am now based outside St Davids. Professionally, I trained and practised as a barrister before leaving to work as an organiser at a grassroots trade union.


My values are hard work, community and caring for others. I am committed to Pembrokeshire and want to be a representative that is embedded within the local community, using my skills to fight for a kind, caring and compassionate society where everyone is valued.


I practised as a barrister before leaving to work as an organiser at a grassroots trade union. My values are hard work, community and caring for others. My work in the law and now the labour movement demonstrates my commitment to those values – fighting for workers’ rights and organising workers to campaign for better pay and working conditions.


My wife, Poppy, grew up in Essex and my mother-in law now lives on Mersea Island. We are connected to Colchester and feel part of the local community.


The Tories in Westminster are undermining the devolution settlement. The Retained EU Law Bill seeks to strip away critical environmental and employment protections that should be decided by the Labour-run Senedd. Thanks to the Tories, capital budgets available to the Welsh Government go down every year – 8% lower this year than last – while the capital borrowing limit has remained unchanged since 2016. The Levelling-Up Fund shows the contempt that the Tories have for devolution, as the Welsh Government was given no involvement in its development, no role in its strategy or delivery, and no advance notice of bids.


As your Labour MP, I would encourage investment in the local economy, campaign for public services that are publicly owned and properly funded, particularly for our NHS and social care, and advocate for more council houses and genuinely affordable homes. I would work collaboratively with the local party, attending every branch meeting on rotation, consulting extensively with local members to build a local manifesto, and creating stronger links with our community organisations and trade unions. I would stand up for Mid and South Pembrokeshire and work alongside the Senedd to address the problems we face – both as a local community and as a wider society.

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