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April 2024 Newsletter

Welcome back to my monthly newsletter!

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Thank you to everyone who helped in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections last week. Although it was a disappointing result across Dyfed-Powys, Philippa ran a strong campaign and was rewarded by winning the Pembrokeshire region. The turnout in Pembrokeshire was 17.2% meaning that any wider extrapolation from the result is problematic, but when compared with other battleground seats in Wales such as Monmouthshire and the Vale of Glamorgan, we are holding our own against the Tories. And combined with the wider results in England the picture is positive – change is coming!

General Election Date

A summer election has been ruled out and so it is looking increasingly certain that a General Election will be held in the Autumn. Factoring in the Presidential election in the USA, the half-term school holidays, and the clocks going back, I’m now expecting an October election. The additional advantage this date gives the Tories is it would allow them an exceptionally long campaign, from the beginning of Parliamentary recess in late July right the way through until October with the official election being called at the beginning of September. We have done excellent work thus far in the campaign and come a long way in building the necessary infrastructure ahead of the official campaign, but there is still work to do so please get in touch if you can spare some time to help.


Port Investment

I was delighted to see us renew our commitment to port investment with a detailed plan to spend £1.8 billion over five years on upgrading the UK’s port infrastructure. Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan is critical for coastal communities such as Pembrokeshire and this opportunity could bring a seismic shift in our economic fortunes. Pembrokeshire’s first ever Labour MP, Desmond Donnelly, was instrumental in the creation of the Port of Milford Haven in the 1950s, and I am convinced that the huge prosperity brought to the county then in the form of good jobs and economic opportunity can happen again. The Tories have neglected our industrial base allowing good jobs to go overseas, leaving coastal communities like ours paying the price. It is time to put Pembrokeshire at the forefront of a new Labour Government’s industrial strategy.

Withyhedge Landfill site

I continue to work hard to find a resolution to the ongoing situation at the Withyhedge Landfill site. The actions relating to the enforcement notice issued by Natural Resources Wales (“NRW”) back in February have not resolved the situation and a new notice has been issued in relation to a separate part of the site with a deadline for compliance of 14 May. I met again with NRW and visited the site with Eluned Morgan, where we raised the concerns of residents and were forthright that every effort must be made to contain the odour emanating from the Landfill site. To this end, I am pleased that Pembrokeshire County Council are now separately seeking a legal injunction against the operating company, Resources Management UK Ltd (RML). If the situation persists after 14 May, then I will continue to campaign for a suspension of new waste entering the site so that we can finally Stop the Stink that has blighted the local community since September last year.

Community Action

Earlier this month, I attended a coffee morning at the St David’s Scout Hut in Ffynnon Wen to support and raise money for the continued use of the Hut for the local community. In an area like St David’s where tourism can often crowd out the local community in the high season, spaces like this are so important.

I was also delighted to attend the CWBR youth project event, led by Tom Moses at PLANED. Tom powerfully showed the impact the project has had in working with and listening to our young people in Pembrokeshire. Providing opportunities to our young people is one of my core pledges and I will continue to look at ways that we can empower young people across the county.


It was fantastic to be joined by Stephen Kinnock, who brought a team of Aberavon members and campaigned with us out on the doorstep in Saundersfoot. If you can make it on 18 May, then they will be back out with us again in Milford Haven.


Thank you to all those who have been out on the doorstep, on the phones, and volunteering their time in other ways. There is a role for everyone, and as the General Election gets closer we will need all your support – whether that be leafleting, office administration, door-knocking, phone canvassing, or digital campaigning. For those who want to get involved please contact Ben Levy on 07596 596351.

You can keep up to date and help share what I’m up to throughout the month by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, please just reply to this email.


Till next time



Henry Tufnell

Parliamentary Candidate for Mid and South Pembrokeshire



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