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August 2023 Newsletter

Welcome back to my monthly newsletter. Here’s what the campaign team and I have been up to!

Pembrokeshire County Show

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who worked on making our stand at the Pembrokeshire County Show a huge success and thank you to all our Councillors and Senedd Members who came to show their support. We made a great showing for Labour and it was a great pleasure to talk to members and voters who visited the tent. I was very proud to see us showcase the very best Labour values and working together to save the day when strong winds threatened to launch the marquee into the sky!

I had very productive talks with lots of great organisations. I listened to their perspective on Pembrokeshire and shared the Labour plan. Notably discussions with the NFU were robust but positive. It was also a pleasure to talk to the First Minister about our plans to win in Pembrokeshire. Checkout Cllr Josh Beynon and myself racing on the rowing machines!

On the Doorstep

As always, our work talking to voters to find out their priorities continued in August. A big thank you to all those who came out in a very busy month when we had lots of organising for the County show as well. We were all over the county from St Davids to Kilgetty enjoying the sometimes erratic August weather. People we spoke to were rightfully concerned about the continued rise in the cost of living, and after 13 years of Tory failure cynicism is widespread. That’s why its so important we go out, have face to face conversations and show that we – ordinary Pembrokeshire residents - believe change is possible and believe Labour can deliver it.

Port End of the Stick

This month I met the team at Dragon LNG to understand the import terminal and hear about their work towards net zero. I also had discussions with the Port Authority and their plans for regeneration and what more can be done to transform the Pembrokeshire economy. Political leadership will be key in delivering a just transition and to maximise the benefits for people living in Pembrokeshire.

Till next time...


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