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May 2023 Newsletter

It's been just over a month since I was selected as your Parliamentary candidate for Mid and South Pembrokeshire. First of all, I want to thank all of the members who participated in the Parliamentary selections, and to pay credit to the other candidates who were all such strong contenders.

It's truly an honour to be selected as your candidate for the next General Election, and I promise to do everything I can to win this seat back and return a Labour government in Westminster.

As your Parliamentary candidate, I want to keep you up to date with my campaigning on the doorstep and in the community. I'll be sending out a monthly newsletter so you can know what the campaign team in Mid and South Pembrokeshire and I are doing.

On the Labour Doorstep

Since being selected, I've been out campaigning regularly on the doorstep with a fantastic team of volunteers. Time and time again I hear the same messsage: residents are really feeling the pressure of the cost of living crisis, and after 13 years of the Tories they don't think that anything is going to change. Only a Labour government in Westminster can tackle the country's long-term problems for the better, and if elected as your MP, I'll put Pembrokeshire at the forefront of Britain's future.

Green Jobs and the Green Economy

It was a pleasure to speak to Julie James and Lee Waters MS, Minister and Deputy Minister for Climate Change in the Welsh Government. It was also great to meet Ed Miliband, Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change, on the doorstep, and to make the positive case for Pembrokeshire at the centre of Britain's climate strategy.

A net zero carbon strategy is not just about protecting Pembrokeshire - one of the most beautiful places in the world - from climate change. It's also about bringing well paid green jobs back to Pembrokeshire in renewable energy and conservation. For too long, Pembrokeshire has been held back by Tory MPs refusing to work with a Welsh Labour government in order to score short term political victories. If elected as your MP, I'll work with your Welsh Labour government and together we'll unlock the full potential of Pembrokeshire.

You can read more about Labour's green and digital future here.

Out in the community

Over the past few weeks I've joined Joyce Watson MS at the Haverfoodfest, sampling food and speaking to local businesses. I was also at the Pilgrims Fayre St Davids with Eluned Morgan, celebrating the relationship between saints and the communities of St Davids and Wexford.

Community events like these are the lifeblood of Pembrokeshire. If there are events in your area, do let me know as I would like to come along and meet as many people as possible and listen to how we can help our community thrive.

That's all for now...

To keep regularly up to date with what I'm doing you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me, do get in touch by replying to this email. Lastly, my thanks to all those who have volunteered their time to campaign. It's only through your support that we can win Pembrokeshire back from the Tories. If you're interested in helping out but not sure how, drop me an email and a member of the campaign team will be in touch.


Henry Tufnell

Parliamentary Candidate for Mid and South Pembrokeshire


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