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June 2023 Newsletter

Welcome back to my monthly newsletter here’s what the campaign team and I have been up to…

On the Doorstep

We have campaigned all over the County in what will be the future constituency of Mid and South Pembrokeshire. From St David’s to Pembroke and from Narbeth to Neyland, I have been out with party members to find out about voters most important issues. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who has spared your precious time to help bring change to Pembrokeshire. Every conversation we have from now until the next General Election counts. If you want to help but you’re not sure how, then reply to this email and a member of the campaign team will be in touch.

Young Labour Pembrokeshire

I was thrilled to join our Young Labour members at their first meeting in Haverfordwest this week. We talked about issues that concerned them, opportunities to help the General Election campaign and how we bring the Labour message to young people in Pembrokeshire.

Mortgage Misery

The average household in Pembrokshire is set to be put under more pressure than ever by Tory economic policy. By my calculation 9,523 families in Pembrokeshire are set to be hit by an average annual mortgage payment increase of £2,100! So many people are doing the right thing, they go out to work every day to pay for their home and their reward is to now live on a knife's edge while the Tories squabble about peerages and parties. Labour's five-point plan to ease the Tory mortgage penalty offers practical help now, while our commitment to fiscal responsibility and growth will secure our economy for the future.

Shocking Stats

The Office for National Statistics stats on real average weekly earnings also caught my eye this month. Shockingly, earnings are stuck where they were in 2005. That’s two decades of lost progress for wage earners. On top of the Tory Mortgage penalty and the highest tax burden on working people for a generation, the catastrophe unleashed by successive Tory governments seems to know no bounds.

My central mission is to counter this economic decline and this month I visited Metal Seagulls , Ledwood Mechanical Engineering, St David’s Assemblies and United Aerospace, sophisticated manufacturing firms, to learn how we can create a secure local economy with good prospects, pay and conditions.

Clean Energy Superpower

This month saw Keir Starmer launch our mission to make the United Kingdom a clean energy super power. Through the Green Prosperity Plan, a Labour Government will cut energy bills, create good jobs, deliver security, and provide climate leadership. I am determined that Pembrokeshire will be at the forefront of this transformation. The transition to clean power provides Pembrokeshire with the opportunity to revitalise its industrial strength and thereby deliver economic prosperity. I have been meeting with a wide range of stakeholders in the industry: Celtic Sea Power , Blue Gem Wind, Floventis Energy , DP Energy, ORE Catapult , Marine Energy Wales, RWE and representatives from the MHPA to understand how we can maximise the benefits of renewable energy for the communities of Pembrokeshire.

You can keep up to date and help share what I’m up to throughout the month by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, please just reply to this email.

Till next time,

Henry Tufnell

Parliamentary Candidate for Mid and South Pembrokeshire


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